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Voter Registration- August 2020 website


We strongly encourage everyone to vote early and to develop a plan to vote. 

These are the different ways you can vote. Here is what you need to develop your plan to vote this election cycle: 

  • There will be over 180 election day vote center locations. Visit to find out where they are located. 

  • Early voting begins on Tuesday, October 6th in the Marion County Clerk’s Office located at 200 E. Washington St. from 8AM—5PM. 

  • Satellite voting begins Saturday, October 24th and ends Sunday, November 1st. There will be 5 satellite voting sites. Satellite voting hours are weekdays from 11AM—7PM and weekdays from 10AM—5PM. 

  • The last day to vote early in-person is Monday, November 2nd in the Clerk’s Office only from 8AM—Noon. 

  • Voters that plan to vote absentee by mail are encouraged to apply early and should apply online. Visit for more info on voting absentee and to apply online. 

  • Voters can hand deliver absentee ballots at any election board office, early voting location, or election day vote center (before noon on Election Day).



It is our privilege and duty as Christians to vote in local elections.  It is our goal that 100% of members are registered to vote and exercise their right in voting at New Beginnings Fellowship Church.  To register to vote in Indiana:

  1. Visit and have a valid Indiana Driver's License Number or Indiana State Identification Card Number available.

  2. In addition to registering to vote for the first time online, you can also update your voter registration with a new address or name change online.  You can also download the app, Indiana Voters to your phone.

  3. If you do not have a valid Indiana Driver's License Number or Indiana State Identification Number available, you can download and print the Indiana Voter Registration Application (VRG-7) and register to vote by mail. 

  4. You must have a valid drivers license or Indiana ID at the time you go to vote.

  5. Citizens may also register to vote at the Indiana Election Division, located in the Indiana Government Center South, 302 W. Washington Street, Room E-204, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, at your local county voter registration office, at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles License Branch, or at any National Voter Registration Act full service agency (i.e. Workforce Development offices, Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) offices). In addition, local public libraries routinely have voter registration applications available.

  6. You have the right to vote in Indiana if you are both a U.S. citizen and a resident of Indiana, will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next General or Municipal Election, are not currently in prison after being convicted of a crime, will have lived in the precinct where you vote for at least 30 days prior to the election, and are registered to vote in Indiana.


For more information on how to register to vote, information on deadlines and other important dates, and any other election-related questions, please visit the Indiana Secretary of State's Voter Information Portal. You may also call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 1-866-IN-1-VOTE.


After you have registered or updated your information, you should receive a voter registration card in the mail.


POLL WORKERS NEEDED: The next election is November 3, 2020.  They are presently hiring for Poll workers. If you are interested, please apply at


ABSENTEE BALLOTS: The election board is encouraging citizens to request absentee ballots now online at, to prevent post office issues.


Check out for the following:

·      Personalized Voting Information

·      See What's On Your Ballot

·      Check Your Voter Registration

·      Find Your Polling Place

·      Discover Upcoming Debates In Your Area

·      And Much More!


Call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at




The next election is

November 3, 2020

They are presently hiring for Poll workers. If you are interested, please apply at 


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